Loretta Gallesio

Whilst working in the corporate world, I somehow found time to renovate 6 houses of my own.  I’ve tiled, plastered, painted, installed kitchen cabinets and everything in between.  I’ve had to clean out rooms cluttered with years of accumulated stuff which clearly was not needed and just had to go.

Relating my experiences over the years to friends and family, invariably resulted in me becoming the renovation and general house organising go to person. I am a great organiser with a can do attitude…give me a messed up room and it will be bright and shiny in no time. People seek my advice, ideas, tips and general help.

Renovating and preparing houses to make them into homes is something I realised I am really good at and something I love to do.

So in 2016 Good House – Organisation by Design commenced.

I really enjoy the challenge of discovering and realising the potential in a house and making it into a functional, practical and beautiful home for clients.  I also know how hard it can be to visualise what is needed in your house.  The cost, the time and decisions that need to be made can be so overwhelming, and of course we are all busy with family and work commitments.

This is where I come in to help you explore what can be achieved, and together make it happen.  I look forward to the challenges ahead and with my easy manner I can help you realise and get the best out of your house.